Learn the Importance of Co-marketing the ameleo Miami Way


Co-marketing is key in creating a successful global outreach and network. Our “Global Alliance Network” is the foundation our companies are built on. We at ameleo take great pride in our global partnerships and professional network alliances located throughout the world.As we get prepared for our September campaign launch, we partnered up with some of our Global Alliances to create an effective co-marketing campaign… A collaborative and network sharing strategy we at ameleo practice as part of our ” Think Global, Act Local” philosophy, which maximizes both parties exposure and engages each companies target audience by two important co-marketing tactics:

Social Media Partnering Strategy: Whether you are a big corporation or a small business this strategy will maximize your exposure effectively. At ameleo we believe that how you package what you co-share is key and a reflection of us and all who we collaborate with… and we like to look good! We created a digital flyer featuring our collaborators logos in which we published across our social media platforms and in agreement, so did our co-marketing collaborators. This creates a strong and extended target audience by creating buzz for both parties.

For example, one of our collaborators has a combined 1 million followers within their network platform, by co-marketing with ameleo and our combined global network we now together have created an outreach of of over 1 million people that can engage on a co-marketing campaign and it does not end there. Every campaign we run has its own set of collaborators which are part of our ” Global Alliance Network” within the network the opportunity to network share especially within a media sharing platform turns into a synergy of business development opportunities for all.  

Informational Event Marketing: This strategy not only will give you strong exposure, but also will inform your target consumer that you are globally connected through ameleo as part of a network alliance. We at ameleo focus on the details and make it easy for all who we associate and collaborate with to represent themselves efficiently and effectively as collaborator on our campaigns. Sometimes a simple approach makes all the difference. for Example, when we start a campaign we not only package it and include our collaborators, but we send them a kit with co-marketing and network sharing instructions. The ameleo campaign kit always has event brochures for our collaborators to place in key visibility areas in their business that receive the most traffic. Target audiences will not only be made aware of our company but our collaboration between us!

There are many ideas and things you can do in today’s social media age, in order to maximize your desired target audience’s engagement. We recommend that you always apply a humanistic approach to your content in order to create a natural dialog with your followers. For example; we asked our co-marketers to take pictures with the marketing materials we sent them, in order share the images on their social media feeds (image below), which creates a fun, tangible, and relatable feel to the audience.

The goal in co-marketing is to invest in a unified idea that will create a collaboration that motivates each other’s success through a credible, committed and professional “ Global Alliance Network” based on referral and professional representation.


Left: Carina Edwards, Client Services Coordinator, Quest Workspaces Global Alliance Partner with her client

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