We are committed

To the overall success of domestic and international clients.

Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy is simple:

Think Global, Act Local.

At ameleo, we see the business world as a community. When we form personal relationships and build partnerships around the world, from our neighborhoods to foreign countries, we empower each other. Through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and professional assistance, we move each other forward and push each other onward to success. No matter how large or how small, each business is an asset to our community because businesses are not faceless entities. They are each composed of individual people who bring a unique set of experience, knowledge, and insight that enrich us all.

Our consulting and business services are based on the following core values:


We are dedicated partners determined to help our clients both identify and meet their professional goals.


We are a team of experts in areas of project management, development, and implementation. We are ready to equip our clients with the most up-to-date information and technologies to achieve their business potential.


We put the needs of our clients first. We provide a wide range of consulting and managerial services to form the best solutions for each case.


We are proactive. We combine both our national and international networks to maximize the opportunities we can offer to our clients.


We lead by example. We will work directly with existing management teams to ensure success.


We make success our priority. Our clients see enhanced performance, increased value, and increased profitability in their business. Our success lies in our customers’ satisfaction.

Leadership team

Ulrich Hotze
Ulrich Hotze Managing Partner
Ulrich Hotze

Ulrich Hotze

Managing Partner

Ulrich is one of the founding and managing partners of both ameleo Law LLP and ameleo Consulting Group. As a lawyer, he has over 22 years of international legal experience in business and corporate law. He has also served as CEO for various companies located in Europe, Singapore, and the USA. He specializes in the reorganization, restructuring, and liquidation of businesses, and has overseen these processes for firms located in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, and the USA.
Jessica Chin
Jessica Chin Managing Partner
Jessica Chin

Jessica Chin

Managing Partner

Jessica Chin has more than 20 years of corporate and commercial experience, with special focus on corporate compliance & governance, foreign investment, and deal-brokering. Having held senior positions in several prestigious and large US and European multinational corporations, Jessica has substantial regional experience. Along with experience in investment, cost management and risk management, Jessica has in-depth knowledge of compliance regulations and development in US, Europe, and Asia. She has also spearheaded and established legal and compliance teams to provide effective legal support, compliance and training around the world.

about us

Our Mission

We at ameleo, recognize that running a business can pose continual challenges. Whether your goal is to restore performance or enhance profitability, we are ready to help. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive service possible, which is why we utilize multiple resources such as consultants, interim managers, and even a network of international partners to custom design the best solution for each case. Our philosophy is to “Think Global, Act Local” to help you expand your horizons with the knowledge that you are supported by a firm that is invested in your success.

Our Vision

We provide our clients with a full range of services to help them strengthen and grow their businesses on both national and international scales. Through ameleo Miami, you are matched with business consultants and interim managers, and have access to all the necessary resources for expanding or relocating your business.


When you work with ameleo, you have a team that is prepared to help your business realize its full potential. We go beyond consulting, our services are designed not only to analyze a business and devise a plan of action, but also to implement new practices or procedures.

Partnership Alliances

ameleo Miami is committed to the overall success of domestic and international clients. We at ameleo take great pride in our Global Partnerships and Professional Network Alliances located throughout the world. With our Global Partnerships and Network Alliances you can count on our innovative approach and experience.


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