October 2015

Left to Right: Thorsten Sowada, Director of ameleo Consulting GmbH; Administrative Assistant of ameleo Singapore; Ulrich Hotze, Shareholder and Partner of ameleo; Jessica Chin, Managing Partner of ameleo Singapore; Falco Aust, Associated Consultant of ameleo

Global Integration… the ameleo Way!


ameleo is all about global synergy. Therefore, our ameleo companies combine different activities and branding ideas around the world so they can operate using the same methods.

All of ameleo knows the importance of teamwork. Hence, we always get familiarized with our different locations throughout the world, in order to transfer policies that are cohesive in branding, but applied to each locations diverse area.

ameleo, collectively discusses the importance of global integration often. This brings a relevant and unique standard that helps us maintain an international perspective, which adds value, quality, and an innovative approach to ameleo and its Global Alliance Network. 

Jessica Chin, Singapore’s managing partner, has more than 20 years of corporate and commercial experience, with special focus on corporate compliance & governance, foreign investment, and deal-brokering. Having held senior positions in several prestigious and large US and European multinational corporations, Jessica has substantial regional experience. Along with experience in investment, cost management and risk management, Jessica has in-depth knowledge of compliance regulations and development in US, Europe, and Asia. She has also spearheaded and established legal and compliance teams to provide effective legal support, compliance and training around the world.

ameleo promotes growth and business development opportunities for members through our global professional alliances. It also represents a unique opportunity for businesses to Think Global, and Act Local by acquiring global appeal and business development opportunities with purpose.

Therefore, all of ameleo encourages you to become a part of our Global Alliance Membership, in order to facilitate your global outreach and benefit from our different location’s. 

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ameleo Wants a Sales Enthusiast with an Entrepreneur State of Mind!

Global Alliance Representative

Customer Service and Sales

Job Description

Be a part of a team of go-getters and leaders. As a Global Alliance representative you will be leading sales by further developing the relationships with potential and existing global alliance members and partners, while promoting ameleo’s business strategy, services and events on a domestic and international level.

ameleo is a global business consulting, expansion and relocation company that takes pride in it’s global partnerships and professional network alliances located throughout the world.  We are looking for talented, creative and energetic team member who will be an extended professional representation of ameleo, and will retain customers by providing exceptional customer service during all phases of the pre and post process of acquiring global alliance memberships.

The Global Alliance Network department is an innovative and dynamic environment, where your sales experience can expand to its greatest earning potential!

A critical aspect to the Global Alliance Representatives success is being a team player that has a high degree of personal integrity and professionalism.

If you are a customer services and sales enthusiast with an entrepreneur state of mind, we want you! Gain the necessary skills an entrepreneur and leader needs to succeed in an innovative company with a unique approach.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain exceptional consultative relationships with potential and existing Global Alliance Members or Partners
  • Ability to establish and expand relationships with key executives, owners, entrepreneurs and decision makers within each Global Alliance Member and Partner territory
  • Inbound and outbound calling to potential and existing Global Alliance Members and Partners on a daily basis
  • Manage and follow up on Global Alliance Member and Partner leads and potential prospects
  • Follow up on sales quotes and inquires to increases opportunities of membership acquisitions
  • Establish relationship with potential and current Global Alliance Partners to make sure their needs are met regularly
  • Engage with customers to assess satisfaction and gain insight on improving their overall experience
  • Direct engagement with Global Alliance Members and Partners as needed
  • Coordinate with the Media and Communications department to set up business development opportunities for new members and partners
  • Take charge of continuing to inform our members and partners of our events and products to increase their interest and knowledgebase of our services

Additional Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of customer profiles
  • Attend tradeshows as needed
  • Facilitate and participate in company presentations as needed
  • Travel as necessary

Key Measurements

  • Revenue growth
  • Increased profitability
  • Daily call time
  • sales activity

Qualifications/ Core Competencies

  • English a must, Spanish a plus, mandarin would be amazing!
  • At least 1-2 years of sales experience with inbound, outbound and direct sales
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to develop strong relationships with Global Alliance Partners and Members
  • Must be able to understand customer needs
  • Customer Service oriented with the passion and energy to increase sales
  • Demonstrate ability to close sales and overcome customer objections
  • Self-motivated individual with a strong positive attitude
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to get the job done
  • Good humored and able to work as part of a team
  • High degree of personal integrity and professionalism
  • Good organizational skills, including multi-tasking and meeting deadlines
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook


  • Contractual Agreement
  • Base salary + commission
    • Paid weekly
    • Percentage based commission
  • Position is at ameleo Miami U.S. corporate facility in Miami, Florida

Send your resume to contact@ameleo-miami.com

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