August 2015


The benefits of Foreign Investments in the U.S.

There are many attributes that motivate foreign investors to transfer their capital to the United States. There are factors that make U.S. assets more attractive and the persistent return differential between U.S. and foreign asset holdings.

For one, there are better financial market opportunities that are highly developed from the strong cooperate governance structures implemented in U.S. companies.

Also, Investors can secure their financial stability and foresee their return of investment with more consistency. Returns in U.S. financial markets have little correlation with returns in their own country’s domestic financial markets. Investors can depend on a stronger economic flow versus their own.

Another asset in investing in the U.S. is diversifying their businesses to immerse themselves into different demographics, making their businesses appealing to a wide range of markets. They also may want to facilitate their engagement/alliances with other U.S. companies or markets they might already work with.

Although the return on foreign investments in the U.S. is lower than U.S. companies moving abroad, foreigners want to invest in the U.S. due to a wide range of benefits like: an open investment regime, a large economy, a skilled labor force, predictable and stable regulatory regime, adequate infrastructure, and new energy sources.

At ameleo we present the extensive benefits of moving your foreign company to the U.S., we can also guide you on taking the necessary steps in transferring your company assets.

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ameleo Miami is looking for a passionate and committed Global Team Member!

Join ameleo Miami and Be Part of the Movement: Think Global, Act Local!

Administrative Assistant Position

Job Description:

ameleo Miami LLC , Global Business Consulting, Expansion, Relocation and Global Network Resource Development is a forward-thinking, fast paced company looking to hire a candidate with  knowledge and understanding of the importance of good communication and overall presentation with a good foundation of basic office skills and various social media websites.

Company is currently launching a few media campaigns. The candidate hired for this position will need strong communication and organizational skills in order to integrate into our vibrant and passionate team.

Desired Skills and Expertise: 

Marketing, Business, Communications, Public Relations (Combination of any in accordance with vocation)
Candidates must be proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications as well as basic office skills


Greet guests and clients
Assist administratively Media Director and Ameleo Partner
Assist schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events
Monitor all forms of media
Assist with mailings
Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks
Online outreach and promotion using all Company Related Social Media Forums/outlets
Employment Terms:

W9 Contractual directly with ameleo LLC/ with contract upon signing with understanding of company disclosure and media handling agreement. Ameleo will provide 1099 at years end.

Required work schedule: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday) 

Interested candidates can apply now! Please send your resume to 

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Supporting Our Global Alliance Partners and Collaborators, EB Hotel Miami – 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Zulmarie Padín, Principal of ZP Consulting, Thomas Zarikian, EB Hotel General Manager, Clara Mantilla, ameleo Miami LLC Managing Director and Ligia Santos, Media and Communications Director, during the EB Hotel Miami 2nd Anniversary Celebration

The A Team supporting Ameleo Global Alliance Partner EB Hotel, Miami FL

Euro Building hotel chain Owner with Zulmarie Padín and Clara Mantilla 

ameleo Miami joins the anniversary celebration of the EB Hotel Miami
Congratulations to a great Global Alliance Partner!

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